Filter Change Service

Air Intake Filter

Dirty Car Air FilterBy far the most commonly replaced filter in vehicles, this filters’ sole purpose in life is to make sure your engine receives only clean, particulate-free air. This helps keep your engine running smooth for quite some time. Make sure to replace it at regular intervals because when it gets dirtier it can affect your gas mileage negatively. Symptoms of a dirty air filter are reduced gas mileage, sluggish performance, or in certain cases inability to idle.

Fuel Filter

Fuel filter replacement serviceThe same way your air filter makes sure your engine gets the cleanest air possible, your fuel filter is designed to do just that for your fuel system, ensuring your engine pumps only clean, particulate-free gasoline into your cylinders. Symptoms of a clogged fuel filter are reduced gas mileage, lost power, rough idle and problematic fuel pumps.

Cabin Filter

Magpie Cabin Filter Change ServiceYour cabin filter is probably the most overlooked of all automotive filters. If you or your family are particularly sensitive to things like dust, mold, pollen, animal dander and other irritants make sure you get this filter replaced regularly. This filter does what it sounds like, filters the air inside the vehicle cabin. Most people don’t even know it exists. Be sure to have our service technician check yours on your next visit!