Company Profile

Providing Oil Changes to Mid-Michigan since 1982

Magpie Oil Change centers have been providing our communities with reputable and quality oil change and maintenance services for more than 30 years.  We currently have four convenient locations to serve you.  Each location is staffed with experienced, well trained and truly professional service technicians.

Four family owned oil change centers in convenient locations

We are a family-owned and run business.  We take great pride in giving you the type of service that is based upon our values.  The core value is providing you the type of service you would expect from your own family.  Honesty, helpfulness, thoroughness and most of all friendliness.

A great experience each time at each location

Each location’s manager and team is dedicated to giving you honest, helpful and pleasant experiences each time you come in.  For example, we allow you to stay in the car while your service is performed.  This is quite helpful when you have a car full of kids and are trying to fit your services into your busy lifestyle.

Want to meet our staff?

Check out our staff page to learn about our company’s management team.  Getting to know us is a wonderful way to learn more about how we make the best choice for your regular oil change and maintenance routines.

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Products we offer

Here are some of the product brands that we offer.